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Hood Crunk Beats

Champ Records Music Production- (Hood Crunk Beats) are unique original beats created to give each artist their own unique style and flavor. Each beat has its own unique mixture of instruments, 808's, snares, claps, hi-hats, basslines, strings, effects, synthesizers and more. Hood Crunk Beats are never duplicated so after purchase it belongs only to you. After purchase each beat comes with a (Wave File, MP3 File and Track Stems) so that you may have the ability to take out or change any part of the beat that you want. Supplying an artist with track stems allows you to make alterations to the beat if desired. Check out Hood Crunk Beats in the player below.


Frydae Killasmoke

CEO of Champ Records Music Production

Music Releases

The album, single and E.P releases below all have Hood Crunk Beats produced from Champ Records Music Production. These albums feature the groups UNDISPUTED & LEVEL UP from Champ Records Music Production representing C.R.M.P Hood Crunk Music.
(You can click the album cover to stream each album or purchase the album.)
The album's and E.P's are available on all music platforms.
UNDISPUTED- Gain on My Level- Album

Gain on My Level- Album

LEVEL UP- Get Lit - Stay Lit- Album

Get Lit - Stay Lit- Album

FRYDAE KILLASMOKE- Mr. Hood Crunk- Album

Mr. Hood Crunk- Album


Dope- E.P


On Go- E.P


Parley- E.P

LEVEL UP- Houston- E.P

Houston- E.P

Lady-A Da Lyricstarr- Breakin Bad- Single

Breakin Bad- Single

Only Kiix- Disrespectful- Single

Disrespectful- Single

UNDISPUTED- Ft. Only Kiix- Head To The Bar- Single- Single

Head To The Bar- Single

Hear My Song- Single

Hear My Song- Single

Stash House- Single- Bonus Track: Gangsta's Live

      Stash House- Single          Bonus Track:     Gangsta's Live


Check out these Hood Crunk Beats available for purchase. Just stream a track and test your skills. Contact Champ Records Music Production for pricing. We have a wide variety of beats so note that these are only a few that we've decided to display. To hear more Hood Crunk Beats for purchase please contact C.R.M.P below  for a consultation and appointment.


Official Music Video by UNDISPUTED


Official Music Video by LEVEL UP
Lady-A Da Lyricstarr

Still Me

Official Music Video By UNDISPUTED 
Frydae Killasmoke

Shine on a Beat

Official Music Video By UNDISPUTED 


Official Music Video by UNDISPUTED

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